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Round Brush Set - 2 Pc

Round Brush Set - 2 Pc

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L3VEL3 Round Brush Set – 2 Pc

Faster drying, smoother finish. Our round hair brushes deserve all the applause.

Curls, cute bobs, big bouncy blowouts… it takes a specially designed hairbrush to create neat, smooth styles. That brush should also work for short and long hair, straight and curly types, men and women. Well, our round brush set steps up to every challenge. Each brush features anti-static nylon bristles on a heat-resistant aluminum barrel. Together, the bristles and barrel enable maximum, targeted airflow for more efficient drying and a frizz-free finish. The wood handles are ergonomically designed for improved control and reduced hand fatigue. Basically, these brushes are the bomb whether you’re a pro or no.  

Key Features

  • Strong yet flexible nylon bristles glide through hair leaving it frizz-free
  • Heat-resistant aluminum barrel tube optimizes airflow for faster drying
  • Anti-static bristles and barrel promote smoother hair with no flyaways
  • Featuring an antibacterial finish for hygiene – ideal for professional salons
  • Slim handles of high-quality wood, shaped for comfortable grip and control

Why It’s a Game-Changer
A round drying brush should be effective, versatile, and easy to use. Our brush set brings you all that functionality, multiplied by two. The brushes are cleverly designed for speedy drying and smooth results, with special barrels to distribute air and heat, plus flexible, anti-static bristles. The handles are a joy to hold and put you in control, no matter how much hair you’re dealing with. So don’t give these babies the brush-off.

Chances are, you already use a round brush for blow drying, whether at home or in your barbershop or salon. Our version is an upgrade on every level, especially when it comes to the barrel. Made of aluminum, the barrel not only withstands high temperatures but actually uses them to its advantage. Heat and air from your hairdryer are evenly distributed throughout the hair, for faster and more efficient drying and styling. Oh, and bacteria can take a hike, thanks to the special, hygienic material.

Nylon bristles on each round curling brush double-down on the heat-and-air-distribution thing. The bristles are strong to cope with thick hair but also flexible to prevent tangling. They reduce frizz and flyaways, leaving hair smooth and shiny from roots to ends. Lightweight wood handles, slender and ergonomically shaped, enable easy and comfortable use with enhanced control. No style will be off-limits.
Our professional round brush set is great for creating curls, waves, straight styles, and mad volume. The thoughtfully chosen materials and practical design ensure flawless results, no matter your styling skill level. At home and in your barber shop, you’ll use these high-quality, great-value brushes on repeat.

Dimensions: 10.5” L (white/black) and 8.5” L (black).

How to Use

  • Section the hair, grab a brush, and fire up the hairdryer
  • Glide the brush through the hair as you dry and style
  • Be sure to remove loose hairs and sanitize the brushes after each use

Works Great With…
For an epic style, start by sectioning the hair with our Velcro Hair Grips. They’re strong to handle thick hair but gentle to prevent tugging and tearing. When you’re done styling, lock in the look with L3VEL3 Hair Spray. The formula is long-lasting but non-sticky for hair.

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