About Us

L3VEL3™ is a brand built by the Artist for the Artist. Our mission is to provide professional grooming products that deliver guaranteed results. Our Artists are the heart of our brand, inspiring every ethical and innovative move we make. Our work ethic is to have mutual respect, trust, loyalty, and passion. Working daily on to uplift the barbering industry to the highest level. Our Goal is to shake up the men’s grooming industry, making High Quality products accessible to general consumers.

Our roots date back to 2011, when we were first motivated to bring men’s grooming into the spotlight. We saw many brands focused on women’s beauty products and the salon industry, but a real lack of high-quality options for men and barbers.

Around that time, we formed solid relationships with the most influential Artists on the scene, including A-Rod, Los Cut It, and Mr. Official. We became a team with a shared vision: to uplift the barbering industry to the same level as the salon industry. Our strategy was to provide exclusive products that barbershops & salons could profit off, and that everyone could use at home to achieve pro-level results.

Eventually, our vision became a brand, co-founded by Jay Nouri (CEO) and A-Rod. Behind the scenes, we developed and launched our product line while creating a buzz across social media.

Today, we’re proud to say our products are found in barbershops and home in over 30 countries worldwide. And we’re forever grateful to the all the artists & customers who supported us from the beginning and helped us reach this level.

Our Commitments

As a brand that strives to uplift in every aspect of business, we’re committed to being…


By keeping costs down throughout our product chain, we empower Artists with the means to make a profit and grow their business. With a fair price/quality balance, we also put professional products within reach of the average consumer.


We’ve always taken a creative approach, whether we’re developing products or using new technologies to reach more people. We lead the way when it comes to results-driven formulas, hairstyle trends, and social media engagement.


We respect our team members as equals; everyone has a chance to live their passion, share ideas, grow, and make an impact. We’re a community, where our customers inspire us as much as the big-name Artists we collaborate with.

Our Products

At L3™ online retail store, we take pride in offering everything a regular consumer, or a professional barber could need, from styling products to sanitizing sprays, game-changing tools like razor holders, and our own collection of premium apparel. We’re continually developing new products that make the latest hair trends achievable, in the barbershop and at home. We listen to our Artists’ feedback, refining our formulas to improve their effectiveness.

Our product line is vast, and our bottle sizes are big, but we don’t compromise quality for quantity. With LV3 retail and online store, you get high-caliber results without the high price tag, whether you’re a pro stylist or just trying out new looks at home. When you’re ready to level up your grooming game, shop our easy-to-use products for hair, beard, face, and body.

To take advantage of our extensive choice of products, why not become a L3VEL3™ distributor, or authorized dealer? You’ll boost your revenue by selling our products and get exclusive perks to help you level up your business. Get in touch to find out more.