Improved & Elevated

Learning Experience

The L3VEL3™️ School program is designed to help schools and academies further elevate the learning experience of the students.

The Perks

  • 60% OFF retail price bracket
  • 3x VIP Boxes*
  • 20x L3VEL3 Drawstring Bags*
  • 100x L3VEL3 Plastic Bags*
  • 10x L3VEL3 Posters*
  • 20x Custom Stickers*
  • 1x Custom Door/Window Sticker*

For every $1000 order spent, double the starred perks listed above!

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To get started with this program and to receive all the perks listed above, there will be an initial startup order starting at $1500 containing products of your choice. Contact our sales department to learn more and get started!

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