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With the L3VEL3 Distribution program. Enjoy wholesale benefits with extremely competitive price bracket points

Level 3 Hair Gel Set

Exclusive benefits

for exclusive dealers

  • FREE custom L3VEL3 shelving
  • 3 FREE posters and drawstring bags
  • New lower price bracket
  • Store locator addition
  • Access to book our top educators
  • Social media shoutout & tags
  • L3VEL3 online exclusives

Bigger Orders = Bigger benefits

With an assigned personal account manager, you'll receive bigger benefits, seamless order placement, and premium support

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You can submit to us a business plan and what you are anticipating as your annual capabilities to

Please note that the distribution program is for minimum orders of 1000 products at least. If that can't be met, please consider the Authorized Dealer program instead by clicking here

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