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Tint Brush Set - 6 Pack

Tint Brush Set - 6 Pack

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L3VEL3 Tint Brush Set – 6 Pack

tint brush pack that comes with every size suitable for any situation!

Achieving dope results with hair dye takes skill, but also the right tools. Mixing powdered or liquid dyes is a messy business and requires care to achieve the perfect texture. When it comes to application, only precise work will ensure even distribution and coverage. We know the score, so we’ve created this set that includes a hair color brush for every need. Effective yet gentle bristles and easy-grip handles get the job done, no muss, no fuss. Whether you’re tinting, creating hair art, coloring a full head, or dyeing a beard, our tint brush set should be your go-to.

Key Features

  • Includes six different brushes for tinting and coloring hair and facial hair
  • Bristles are firm enough for neat application but gentle on scalp and skin
  • Sturdy handles are comfortable to hold and feature an easy-grip finish
  • Fine handle tips allow for quick and easy yet precise hair parting
  • Pro design and solid performance, made for mixing and applying hair dye

Why It’s a Game-Changer
Applying hair dye is a real art. To ensure your results are “perfection”, not “Picasso”, we bring you this hair dye applicator brush set. It includes six different brushes for effortless mixing and flawless application. From bristles to tip, every element has been thoughtfully designed for a better way to work with color. Whatever your clients’ demands or your artistic vision, these brushes belong in your kit, and possibly a museum.

Equipped with high-quality bristles, our professional hair color brushes enable fast yet precise and even application. They’re packed tightly, to easily scoop up hair dye and prevent drips on clothing or your nice clean floor. They’re firm, to distribute dye evenly and only where intended. But the bristles are also gentle on the scalp and skin, to ensure complete comfort during application.

The handles of our tint brushes are lightweight and comfortable to hold but won’t snap under pressure. You’ll experience no unpleasant hand fatigue, even during long periods of use. The handles are easy to grip too, variously featuring embossed contours and raised dots to prevent hand-slippage. Slender handle tips allow you to quickly part the hair with the utmost precision, without needing a separate comb. When you’ve finished working, the brushes clean up well, ready for the next use.
Explore this set and you’ll find a spatula and a wide tint brush for large hair sections, plus a narrower brush for roots and highlights. There’s a small hair dye brush for detail work, and a chunky brush for distributing color throughout the lengths. Finally, there’s a hair dye comb brush for precision when coloring facial hair. With so much versatility, you’ll avoid the hassle and cost of buying separate brushes for every type of job. We are so good to you.

Sizes: 4.75”, 5.6”, 6.25”, 7.75”, 8”, 8.5”.

How to Use

  • Simply choose the right brush for the task at hand
  • Use the brush to mix the dye and apply it to the hair
  • Be sure to clean and sanitize the brushes after each use

Works Great With…
Streamline the mixing process and look professional too with our Collapsible Tint Bowl. Made of silicone, it stands up to bleach and vivid dyes while being easy to use and store. Protect your hands when mixing and applying dye, by snapping on a pair of L3VEL3 Nitrile Gloves in your favorite color.

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