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Soft Club Brush

Soft Club Brush

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L3VEL3 Soft Club Brush

Get down to the details, swishing away loose hair with this perfectly-formed fade brush.

When you’re crafting the ultimate skin fade, loose hairs can seriously get in the way. They stick to the skin after each buzz with the clipper, clouding your visibility and threatening to sabotage your work. So to remove loose hairs and achieve flawless results, choose this club brush. It features soft, stubby bristles that brush all traces of hair from the area you’re working on. With a compact body designed for grip and control, it makes brushing more efficient too. It’s a useful all-rounder that ensures a professional finish to all haircuts.

Key Features

  • Compact and versatile for quick hair removal during detail work
  • Firm yet gentle bristles that sweep effectively without irritating skin
  • Body and handle of ebony wood with a rubberized coating for grip
  • Neat size and shape that fits perfectly in your hand for superior control
  • Ideal for cleaning the skin when creating fades and tidying up post-cut

Why It’s a Game-Changer
For enhanced sweeping when doing detail work, you need a new kind of barber dusting brush. This compact, club-shaped version enables optimal control, deft precision, and clean results every time. Soft bristles make light work of loose hair while being ultra-gentle on sensitive skin. Premium materials, chosen for functionality and looks, make this brush a standout addition to your kit.

The dimensions of this skin fade brush are the secret to its serviceability. Small but perfectly formed, the brush has a boxy shape that’s easy to hold and can get right into awkward areas. The body and handle are a single, molded piece of deluxe ebony wood, given a matte, rubberized finish for improved grip. Slight curves make space for your fingers, allowing for outstanding control no matter how quickly you’re working. Flip the brush over and you’ll notice the subtle, embossed L3VEL3 logo on the back, bringing a hint of personality.

The bristles of our fade hair brush are easy on the skin, even on areas that can be sensitive, such as the neck. The bristles don’t scratch, irritate, or cause adverse reactions, which your clients will surely appreciate. But the bristles are also firm to banish every loose hair, giving you a clear surface on which to carve out your design. Use this brush when you’re getting down to the nitty-gritty of a detailed design, or simply for a tidy finish after a regular haircut.

This barber hair removal brush will improve your service in a sweep. Keep it close for quick yet efficient clearing of stray hairs, fluff, and other debris. You’ll showcase impeccable attention to detail and achieve more flawless results.

Brush body: 7” L x 2” W.

How to Use

  • Grip the brush in your hand, with your fingers and thumb nestled in the curves
  • Gently brush away loose hairs from the area you’re working on
  • Be sure to clean and sanitize your brush after each use

Works Great With…
Our Club Brush isn’t just for fades; it keeps the skin clean for all sorts of detail work. If hair art is your specialty, brush away cut hair and get creative with our fantastic Color Liner Pencils. They make portraits and lettering pop in vibrant colors, for hair art designs that go viral.

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