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Premium Shaving Towel

Premium Shaving Towel

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L3VEL3 Premium Shaving Towel

Stock up on our luxuriously soft, bleach-proof, chemical-resistant barber towels.

Towels are among the most important and most used items in your barber shop. They have to work hard soaking up water, protecting clients’ clothing, and looking on-brand. They must also be of the softest, highest quality cotton for longevity and a luxurious feel. Our premium shaving towel checks all the boxes, and for an economical price. Made of 100% cotton, this towel is resistant to bleach, chemicals, and stains, ensuring it always looks pristine. A decadently soft but incredibly absorbent towel, it covers all your shaving, hair, and facial needs. It comes in classic black, so it’ll style up your shelves too.

Key Features

  • Made of 100% high-quality cotton for optimal softness and absorbency
  • Resistant to bleach, dyes, chemicals, and stains so it’ll always look clean
  • Professionally hemmed edges for towel longevity and client comfort
  • In black with the L3VEL3 logo in crisp white for maximum style points
  • Ideal for use during haircuts, shaves, facial treatments, and more

Why It’s a Game-Changer
The humble barber towel is a true workhorse in any salon. If made with quality fabric, a towel will stand up to countless uses and washes but remain soft and absorbent. Resistance to hairdressing chemicals is crucial; stained towels look gross and will give your clients the heebie-jeebies. Looks are important too, especially when you’re trying to give off professional vibes and provide elevated service.

Our shave towel nails all of the above. Starting with the fabric (100% premium cotton, no less), this towel feels irresistibly soft against the skin. You can sit your client in the chair and wrap him in luxury, ready for the shave or haircut of his life. We’re not even kidding. No detail has been spared with this towel, which boasts professionally finished edges to maximize comfort and durability.

That’s the feel, but how about the performance? Only cotton bleach proof salon towels will do when you’re working with vivid dyes and chemical products. Though highly absorbent, this towel offers notable stain resistance, so you get more uses for your money. Speaking of money, you won’t have to drop a band to stock your shop with awesome towels. This one represents great value, considering the modest price and pro quality.
Barber shop towels should deliver solid performance and a touch of the luxe life, while being affordable enough to stockpile. Our version in premium cotton stays soft, absorbent, and stain-resistant wash after wash. With that popping white logo on smart black, it also looks good stacked or rolled on your shelves. It’s a versatile essential, large enough for every task, and designed to elevate the service you provide.

Dimensions: 28” L x 14” W. Machine wash with like colors.

How to Use

  • Place the towel around your client’s shoulders to collect loose hair
  • Or use it to protect your client’s neck and collar against dyes and bleach
  • Or gently pat your client’s skin dry with this towel after shaving
  • Or dry freshly-washed hair, wipe away excess product… the uses are endless

Works Great With…
To further level-up your service and look like a true pro, slip on a pair of L3VEL3 Nitrile Gloves. Resistant to chemicals and punctures, they offer outstanding protection without compromising dexterity. They’re latex- and powder-free, touchscreen compatible, and come in a choice of popping colors.

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