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Nitrile Gloves Bundle - 7 Pack Assorted Colors

Nitrile Gloves Bundle - 7 Pack Assorted Colors

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The best protection, hands down. Stock up ASAP on our colored nitrile gloves.

Your hands work hard, whether you’re styling hair, cleaning your home, or prepping food. So it’s important to protect your hands against potential hazards and hygiene risks. For that, you need gloves specially designed for optimal protection without restriction. Our nitrile gloves are the answer – and with this great-value and convenient seven-pack, you’ll be covered for any eventuality. The gloves safeguard your hands against injuries caused by sharp objects and chemicals. They also protect you and anyone you touch against germs and viruses. Yet the gloves are flexible and touchscreen compatible, so you can work freely.

Key Features

  • Great-value bundle with seven boxes of our bestselling nitrile gloves
  • Includes one box of each color/thickness in the size of your choice
  • Get superior protection for longer with 100 gloves in each box
  • QMS certified and have a long shelf life so you can stock up
  • Ideal for barber shops, home use, cleaning, food prep, and more

Why It’s a Game-Changer
Our disposable nitrile gloves have transformed the way barbers, hairstylists, beauty therapists, tattoo artists, and others work. These gloves take protection to the third level, offering superior resistance to punctures, chemicals, and germs. They do so without restricting dexterity or hampering your ability to perform detailed tasks. Made without latex, powder, or PVC, these gloves are suitable for people with allergies and for a broad range of uses. Yep – they’re bestsellers for a reason. Now, this epic bundle gives you all seven glove thicknesses, so you’re covered for any job.

Offering high protection against injuries and germs, these are the ultimate barber gloves. When you’re working with scissors, razor blades, and other sharp tools, you need gloves that won’t pierce or tear. This bundle of nitrile gloves includes one pack of each thickness, represented by the different colors. The thicker the glove, the more protection it offers; with the bundle, you can choose the right glove for every task. What’s more, the vivid colors show up any tears that do occur.  

You can work safely but freely wearing our puncture-proof nitrile gloves. Although high-grade with high tensile strength, they’re incredibly flexible to allow full freedom of movement. That’s important when you’re doing detail work on a client’s haircut or tattoo, or when you’re picking up small items like beauty tools or kitchen utensils. Even with the thickest grade in this bundle, you get complete dexterity and can also use touchscreen devices without having to remove your gloves. The ambidextrous design is convenient, and the gloves mold to your hands for a snug yet comfortable fit.

It’s important to consider allergies as well as protection, so these are latex-free and powder-free nitrile gloves. They’re made of synthetic rubber and contain no PVC, so you can safely handle food at home and work. Whatever your job or reason for wearing nitrile gloves, this seven-pack bundle is the best value and most practical way to protect yourself.

How to Use

  • Choose the appropriate glove thickness for the task
  • Pull on your gloves and they’ll mold to your hands
  • Get to work, knowing you’re fully protected
  • Safely dispose of your gloves when you’re done

Works Great With…
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