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Neck Strip Paper Bundle

Neck Strip Paper Bundle

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L3VEL3 Self-Adhesive Neck Strips Bundle

Don’t skip the strips. Get this great-value bundle of neck paper for barbers.

As a barber, you must take every possible hygiene and safety precaution when working on your clients. That includes protecting your clients against dirt, germs, hairdressing chemicals, and other contaminants and hazards. So you’ve got the cape, the gloves, and the sanitizer, and maybe you already use and love our neck strips. If so, stock up with this great-value and convenient neck strips bundle. It includes four packs in four colors, each containing a total of 500 strips. You’ll get extra choice and mileage from this combo pack, along with our signature quality and innovation.

Key Features

  • Includes one roll each of pink, black, orange, and lime neck strips
  • A great-value set and super-practical for your barber shop
  • Cater to every client’s request for their favorite color strips
  • Self-adhesive, pre-cut, flexible strips protect skin and clothing
  • Disposable, but you’ll be covered for longer with this bundle

Why It’s a Game-Changer
These are neck strips for barbers who are committed to hygiene and safety, but also value their time. The strips are quick and super-simple to use, yet offer a high level of protection against germs, loose hair, liquids, and other gross stuff. This combo takes things up a notch, delivering impressive value, convenience, choice, and practicality. There are three packs in the bundle, each with five rolls of 100 strips. Do the math and you’ll find that’s a whopping 2000 strips at your disposal. And with four different colors in the combo, you can match your strips to every client’s threads or personality.  

The neck paper strips themselves are made of self-adhesive, non-toxic material. Though soft and flexible for your client’s comfort, they’re also highly absorbent and protective. A single strip stops hairs from getting under your client’s collar and irritating his skin. It also forms a water-resistant barrier against sweat, liquids, chemicals, and dyes. The strips are conveniently pre-cut, so you can simply tear one off the roll, apply it, and get to work, tossing it out when you’re done.

If you’re a pro barber, neck strips are essential to providing safe, efficient service. They protect your client’s skin and clothing for everybody’s peace of mind. They allow you to work freely and creatively, without fear of staining your client’s neck or brand new shirt. With this combo pack, you can take your service to the third level; after all, it’s the little details that set you apart. Match your strip to your client’s outfit or let them choose their favorite color. Feeling fresh? Pick lime. Want the classic touch? Go for black. Sassy lady in the chair? Think pink.

When you want to provide that extra layer of protection without adding to your workload, choose this neck strips combo. It’s a handy bundle of our high-performance, easy-to-use paper strips that’ll last and last. With choice, quality, convenience, and value, you won’t be sticking your neck out.

Each pack contains: 5 rolls with 100 sheets per roll.

How to Use

  • Cut a section long enough to cover the entire neck area
  • Stretch the strip as necessary when applying it to the neck
  • The self-adhesive strip will stick to the neck securely

Works Great With…
Our Rubber Neck Cutting Cape is a professional protective measure, designed to stop loose hairs, liquids, and dyes in their tracks. Coupled with our Neck Strips, this cape is a sure bet on safe and hygienic service. For the ultimate in protection, snap on a pair of our bestselling, high-performing Nitrile Gloves.

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