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Liner Pencils - 6 Pc - Black Color

Liner Pencils - 6 Pc - Black Color

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L3VEL3 Black Liner Pencils – 6 Pc

From portraits to personal mantras, make an artistic statement with our hair pencils.

Let your imagination and skills run wild, with super-smooth hair pencils that give standout results. The pack of six has you covered for even the largest, most detailed designs. Color payoff is excellent, as the tips glide smoothly over shaved areas, and the rich black pops against any skin tone. For realistic hair portraits and complex patterns, these black pencils are essential.

Key Features

  • Includes six black hair pencils for sketching unique designs
  • Color goes on smoothly for precise outlines and flawless results
  • Durable but lightweight pencils for comfort, control, and accuracy
  • Each pencil has its own tip cover to protect against damage
  • Made to level-up undercuts, fades, and other shaved styles

Why It’s a Game-Changer
Your name ‘bout to blow up thanks to these hair art pencils. Made to pro-artist standards, they take shaved haircuts to another level. There are six pencils in the pack, each one designed for optimal control, smooth application, and outstanding color payoff. With the protective covers, you can toss these pencils in your barber cart or bag without fear of snapping the tips. Get creative and get ready to go viral.

Fades and undercuts look awesome, sure. But for added personality and a head-turning look, reach for our hair tattoo pencils. These black ones are the bomb for sketching impressive portraits and graffiti-style lettering. Use them to draw outlines, add depth and definition, and create shadow for a hyper-realistic 3D effect. The intense pigment stands out on skin and stubble, putting your designs in the spotlight.

Application is vital, so our hair liner pencils glide over shaved areas without stumbling. The creamy-smooth tips make sketching and coloring look like child’s play. Every line will be precise and true; every feature distinct and flawlessly executed. The pencils are comfortable to hold and won’t make your hand ache, while the tips are gentle on skin. They’re so enjoyable to use, you’ll crave the chance to show off with a large and detailed design.

Our black liner pencils are great for use in your barber shop and at hairstyling competitions. Thanks to the protective tip covers, you can take your art skills on the road. Offering control, accuracy, and intense color, these pencils are a must for creating trending designs. Let your talent shine and take you to new heights.

Dimensions: each pencil is 7.25” long.

How to Use

  • Remove hair from the desired area with your clippers
  • Slick on some L3VEL3 Transparent Shave Gel
  • Shave the details of your design with a straight razor
  • Add definition and shade with the black hair pencils
  • Finish with L3VEL3 Hair Spray to lock in the design

Styling Tips
Black pencils are more versatile than you’d expect. Use them to sketch the outline of a hair portrait, logo, or word. Use them to add depth and shade to faces for hyper-realism. Make the finer details pop or fill out large areas such as clothing on head-and-shoulders portraits.

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