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Hair Pick Comb Set - 2 Pc

Hair Pick Comb Set - 2 Pc

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L3VEL3 Hair Pick Comb Set – 2 Pc

Our hair picks gently separate, volumize, and style all types of natural curls.

Curls need special care to keep them soft, bouncy, and free from damage. That means using the right comb, whether you’re a barber with a curly client or the proud owner of a coily crown. Our hair pick comb set includes two different designs suitable for every type of curly or textured hair. The picks are made of durable resin with superior heat resistance. Featuring a smooth finish and rounded tips, they glide smoothly through the hair without getting caught or causing damage. In short, these piks are the bomb for detangling, root-lifting, volumizing, and general styling.

Key Features

  • Made to professional salon standards from durable, heat-resistant resin
  • Includes a narrow-tooth and a wide-tooth pick to suit different curl patterns
  • Rounded tips don’t irritate scalp or damage hair as they detangle and style
  • Ergonomic handles are comfortable to hold and easy to grip
  • Gently groom and create volume in curly, textured, and Afro hair types

Why It’s a Game-Changer

Achieving healthy, beautiful curls means using specially designed tools. Our hair pick combs gently but effectively detangle and fluff curly hair to make it look lit. The picks are made of high-quality resin and feature smooth, rounded tips that glide through even extremely textured hair.

With this convenient set, you can choose the Afro pick comb that best suits your curl pattern and styling needs. The wide-tooth design is great for corkscrew curls and tighter coils; it gives insane root lift for maximum volume. The narrow-tooth comb teases out tangles and froths up Afro hair without adding frizz. Pick at the roots of dry hair to create head-turning volume and shape – your transformation will go viral.

Sturdy resin ensures our Afro hair combs don’t snap during use. The combs offer superior heat resistance too, allowing you to use them alongside hairdryers and heated styling tools. Rounded tips make for smooth and comfortable use, and a pleasant scalp massage that’ll help stimulate blood flow. Ergonomic handles give good grip, even when you’re quick-picking or your hands are greasy with product.

Turning tangled curls into a glossy, groomed halo is easy with our hair pick comb set. The picks are cleverly designed to enhance all types of curly and textured hair without damaging delicate strands. With sleek looks to match their efficient design, these are pro-level picks for home and barber shop use.

Dimensions: Longer comb is 6.75” L x 2.75” W. Wider comb is 5” L x 4” W.

How to Use

  • Start with perfectly dry hair
  • Flip the hair over and gently pick from the nape of the neck upwards
  • Shake the hair out and clip it into sections
  • Pick each section, starting at the root to create volume and shape

Works Great With…
You’ll need our Velcro Hair Grips to keep those sections in place while you pick. Strong yet flexible and non-damaging, they effortlessly secure thick and textured hair. When you’re done picking and preening, finish with L3VEL3 Oil Sheen Spray to add gloss without weighing down those luscious curls.

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