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Foam Mirror

Foam Mirror

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L3VEL3 Foam Mirror

This foam frame mirror gives clients a crystal-clear view of their sweet new style.

Your wall-mounted mirrors can only show so much of that epic fade you just created. Yep, the front looks lit, but what about the back and sides? Here’s where you need a practical, easily-grabbable handheld barber’s mirror. This one frames premium quality glass in shockproof foam padding, for a mirror that’s lightweight and comfortable to hold, but also insanely durable. The glass gives a true reflection with no distortion, while the ergonomic frame features a cutout handle for ease of use. Your hairstyles will shine from every angle.

Key Features

  • Round mirror made of deluxe glass for an undistorted reflection
  • Shock-absorbing foam frame protects the glass and is comfortable to hold
  • Contoured cutout handle provides good grip and allows for easy hanging
  • Lightweight and slimline yet highly durable, making it cost-effective
  • Allows clients to see every angle of their hairstyle without leaving the chair

Why It’s a Game-Changer

Fine as the front view is, clients want to see more of your work. This useful handheld barber mirror gives a clear view of the sides and back of every style. Whip it out mid-cut to check you and your client are still on the same page. Use it to show off the finished style you’ve so skillfully created and ensure your client is satisfied. Not to brag, but this mirror is lowkey crucial to nurturing good barber-client relationships.

With smooth, flawless glass of the highest quality, our foam barber mirror gives a true view. There’s no warping or cloudiness to the glass, just a pure surface for a precise reflection. The circular shape is perfectly suited to framing a head and face. It’ll keep your client’s focus on his hairstyle, not on whatever’s going down in the background.

The frame of this handheld barber mirror is crafted from soft yet protective foam. The foam absorbs shock if the mirror is dropped, helping to prevent the glass from shattering. You can just grab this mirror and get to work, without being overly cautious. Also covering the back, the foam further protects the glass from breakage when the mirror is placed face-down.

Light and ergonomically designed, our foam mirror is easy to pick up and hold up. Even if your arms ache from cutting and styling all day, you’ll still be able to lift this featherweight. The cutout handle is contoured for excellent grip, which is ideal if your hands are greasy with product. The handle also means you can hang up your mirror to keep it within easy reach. Prefer to tidy things away? This slimline superstar can be neatly stored in a cupboard or barber cart. It’s a great-value mirror boasting top quality, functionality, and convenience.

Dimensions: 13.5” H x 11.25” W

How to Use

  • Hold the mirror at the sides and back of your client’s head
  • You’ll give your client a true view of his style from every angle
  • Keep the glass and frame clean between uses for best results

Works Great With…
To really give your client something worth looking at, finish off his style with L3VEL3 Brilliant Cream. It’s a vitamin-rich formula that protects and hydrates hair while adding head-turning shine. If it’s a pompadour you’re showing off, whip in some Hair Styling Pomade for next-level volume, hold, and gloss.

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