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Cream Gel Set

Cream Gel Set

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L3VEL3 Cream Gel Set

Be the cream of the barber shop crop with this great-value hair cream gel set.

Our cream gel is the trendsetter of styling products. It’s a luscious, vitamin-enriched formula that helps you create eye-catching hairstyles. Delivering medium hold plus all-day volume and shine, this stuff is the cream of the crop. Sound good? Here’s more: With this four-pack bundle, you get all the hair benefits of our cream gel plus convenience, choice, and great value. Use the larger pots in your barber shop or salon, and market the smaller pots to your clients, who’ll lap up the looks this product creates.

Key Features

  • Includes our cream gel in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml pots
  • The larger pots are practical and great value for your barber shop
  • Recommend the smaller pots to clients for home hairstyling
  • The product formula provides medium all-day hold and volume
  • With vitamin B5 to nourish and moisturize even damaged hair

Why It’s a Game-Changer
This hair gel set is a cut above the rest. It contains four pots of our innovative cream gel, a product that keeps styles in place while adding volume and shine. The gel also delivers a shot of vitamin B5 with every application, to nourish, strengthen, and smooth damaged strands. With four differently sized pots, this versatile set is ideal for barber shop and salon use. You can crack open the bigger pots to use on clients’ hair then encourage add-on sales with the smaller pots. Your business = elevated.

Boost your barber shop hair gel collection with a fresh product that creates even fresher styles. With our cream gel, you can whip up impressive pompadours and side-parted quiffs, or slick back longer hair for a nice, face-framing look. You’ll get plenty mileage from the 500ml and 1000ml pots, no matter how many styles you create in a day. Recommend your clients snag the 100ml or 250ml pots for recreating their new look at home.

As for the product itself, it’s an excellent hair shaping cream capable of lifting, sculpting, and securing most any style. The creamy formula is easy to work with and leaves no residue or flakes, just healthy-looking shine. It also nourishes hair with vitamin B5, AKA panthenol, which promotes stronger, smoother, more hydrated strands. For short, mid-length, or long hair of any texture, our cream gel is a styling sensation.

If you’re a professional barber or hairstylist, this cream gel set gives you versatility, value, and convenience. Using it in your salon will elevate your service and the styles you create; promoting it to clients will build your rep as the best barber around.

How to Use

  • Consider the hair’s length and texture, and the style you want to create
  • Dose the appropriate amount into your palms
  • Apply the cream gel evenly throughout the hair to create your desired style

Styling Tips
Our cream gel gives you maximum control over your style, allowing you to reshape your hair to suit your mood. Whip it through shorter hair to create on-trend pompadours and quiffs with epic volume. Slick it through mid-length or longer hair to frame your face and add shine. Or simply gloss-up and lock-down a Caesar cut or short spikes.

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