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Cape and Apron Kit

Cape and Apron Kit

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L3VEL3 Cape and Apron Kit

Protect your client and yourself with our handy barber cape and apron set.

When you’re busy cutting hair and creating styles, sourcing high-quality protective gear can feel like a challenge. But thanks to this practical kit, leveling-up on protection and hygiene just got easier. The kit includes a hairdressing cape to protect your client and a barber apron for you. Both items are made of waterproof fabric that offers superior resistance to bleach, dyes, and other hairdressing chemicals. Loose hair simply brushes off the fabric, ensuring your client feels comfortable and you look professional. This kit represents outstanding value and convenience.

Key Features

  • A convenient and great-value bundle for your barber shop
  • Nylon fabric is highly resistant to water, bleach, and chemicals
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear, with smart style to boot
  • Cape features an adjustable neck closure to fit all your clients
  • Apron has an 8” square pocket at each hip for your essential tools

Why It’s a Game-Changer
You wanted two protective items in one kit; we delivered. This impossibly practical set includes a professional barber cape plus a hair stylist apron, so everyone’s a winner. Slip on the apron and greet your client looking dapper and ready to work. Cover your client with the cape to protect his skin and clothing from chemicals and loose hair. Both items are made of waterproof, chemical-resistant fabric for the ultimate in protection, hygiene, and safety. With a host of handy features on both the cape and apron, you can hustle smarter.

Starting with the barber shop cape, you’ll be impressed by the protection it offers. It’s a performance powerhouse, offering outstanding resistance to bleach, hair dyes, chemicals, liquids, and falling hairs. But it’s also breathable and comfortable for your client to wear, thanks to the lightweight polyester fabric. There’s an adjustable closure at the neck, designed to accommodate most any client from kids to adults.

The hair cutting apron is equally awesome, crafted for protection, comfort, and style. The nylon fabric shields your clothes against water, chemicals, bleach, and more. Stray hairs won’t stick to the fabric, so you’ll always look clean and smart. There are two roomy hip pockets, so you can keep your tools to hand when you’re busy. The apron is easy to put on too and has an adjustable neck strap for a comfortable fit.
Both the barber cape and apron come in black with crisp white L3VEL3 branding for a modern look. This kit makes it easy to stock up on the essentials and maintain good hygiene; you’ll literally use these items every day. With our highly protective cape and apron, you’ll build a rep as the unrivaled professional on the barber scene.

Kit includes: 1 x cape and 1 x apron.

How to Use

  • Slip the apron’s loop strap over your head
  • Adjust the strap to fit and tie the apron at your waist
  • Cover your client with the cape, sweeping it on from the front
  • Adjust the neck closure for a comfortable fit

Works Great With…
You can never be too protected when you’re working with hairdressing chemicals. So pull on a pair of L3VEL3 Nitrile Gloves to shield your hands against sharp objects, chemicals, and germs. Then, safeguard your client’s skin and shirt collar with our Self-Adhesive Neck Strips that effectively absorb sweat, liquids, and dyes.

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