What is an Oil Sheen Spray? The Benefits and How to Use it

An oil sheen spray is a finishing spray that makes your hair look glossy and healthy. Formulas typically contain natural moisturizing oils that add shine without weighing the hair down. They may also contain vitamins to nourish the hair and scalp. Oil sheen benefits most hair types, lengths, and textures, but is particularly effective on dry, curly, or highly porous hair. Oil sheen is easy to use too. After styling your hair, you can simply spray on the gloss and go.

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What is an Oil Sheen Spray?

Whatever your chosen style, it won’t turn any heads if your hair is dry and dull. To get the attention your unique look deserves, you need to ramp up the gloss with a sheen spray. If the matte look is your thing, then you can stop reading now; oil sheen spray is all about the luster. But what is an oil sheen spray?

An oil sheen spray is a type of finishing spray that makes your hair look shiny. Such sprays are formulated to give your hair a natural-looking glossy finish, while nourishing every strand to restore your hair’s health. Oil sheen is quick and easy to use but gives long-lasting effects. It can be used on wet hair, but is most often used on dry, styled hair.

What Does Sheen Spray Do?

You know the nitty-gritty of the product, but what does sheen spray do? Oil sheen spray cranks your hair’s shine up to the third level, so your style stands out and you feel more confident. Sheen spray can also maintain your hair’s health by nourishing it with vitamins. What it should not do is weigh your hair down and make it look like an oil slick; as every hairstyling pro knows, there’s a fine line between glossy and greasy.

When choosing an oil sheen spray, look for a lightweight formula that’s enriched with natural extracts and vitamins.  L3VEL3™ Oil Sheen Spray gives you superior shine and cares for your hair too. Crucially, it has a non-greasy, moisture-balancing formula, so your hair looks sleek and touchable not gross and avoidable. It doesn’t weigh your hair down either, so you’ll still rock volume, texture, and movement like a boss.

L3VEL3™ Oil Sheen Spray doesn’t just give you next-level gloss, it also nourishes your hair and scalp. This bad boy is enriched with olive oil, coconut oil, and herbal extracts that pump your hair with moisture. It’s also infused with vitamin E to support the health of your hair and scalp, and in turn, encourage hair growth.

Is Oil Sheen Spray Good for Hair?

That’s a no-brainer. There are countless reasons to use oil sheen, whether your hair is short, long, straight, curly, dry, or oily. To answer the question of is oil sheen spray good for hair, here’s our TL;DR list of the top benefits: 

  • Adds shine but doesn’t make your hair greasy
  • Finishes off your style without weighing your hair down
  • Promotes smoother hair, so your comb will glide through tangles
  • Moisturizes the hair and scalp to prevent dryness and flakiness
  • Nourishes the hair and scalp with vitamins and herbal extracts

How Do You Use Oil Sheen?

Another benefit of oil sheen is its simplicity. As an aerosol spray, oil sheen is quick and easy to use but super-effective and offers lasting shine. Simply spray it on your hair for a glossy finish in a flash!

If you want to achieve an all-over luster, you can spray the product directly onto your hair. Shake the can well before use and hold it around 6-8 inches from your head before lightly misting your hair – this will help you avoid coating your hair too thickly.

Maybe you just want to add a touch of shine, to highlight certain parts of your style? Perhaps you have fine or oily hair? In these instances, don’t spray the product directly on your hair. Instead, spray it on your hands then either pat it on the surface or run your fingers through your hair. You could also spray oil sheen on a brush or comb and distribute it that way. These techniques will give you a subtly polished finish and accentuate particular elements of your style.

Oil sheen spray can be used by anyone, pro stylist or not. It’s handy to have in your bathroom cabinet, for those days when your hair is more drab than diamond-like. If you’re a barber, oil sheen spray is a great product for your station. Finishing your client’s hair with sheen spray gives that extra level of service and puts your cutting skills in the spotlight.

Can You Use Sheen Spray on Wet Hair?

How and when you use sheen spray is your personal choice. It depends on the look you want to achieve and the needs of your hair.

Oil sheen spray is most commonly used as a finishing product on dry, styled hair. It’s an easy way to boost shine if, say, you’ve created the perfect style but then noticed that your hair is looking lackluster. A quick spray and you’ve got instant, glassy shine.

But can you use sheen spray on wet hair? Absolutely! Oil sheen spray can be used on wet or towel-dried hair, whether you then blow-dry or leave your hair to dry naturally. It will nurture your strands and scalp while leaving your hair silky-soft.

Here’s your recap on how to use oil sheen spray:

  • Shake the can well
    • Hold the can 6-8 inches from your hair
    • Spray lightly over your hair for full-on gloss
    • Spray on hands or a comb for subtle, targeted polish 
    • Flaunt your brilliance and watch everyone reach for their sunglasses

    Conclusion: Oil Sheen Spray is an Instant Glow-Up in a Can

    We all want shiny, healthy-looking hair, no matter how we choose to wear it. And when you’re hustling hard, you need a no-fuss hair product that yields great results, fast. Oil sheen spray gives you exactly that – and all it takes is a quick mist over your carefully crafted hairstyle.  L3VEL3™ Oil Sheen Spray is the cream of the crop, expertly formulated to nourish your hair and help you shine bright like a diamond.

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