What is a Hair Spritz?

What is a Hair Spritz?

A hair spritz combines the hold and shine of a hairspray with a gentle formula that protects hair and brushes out easily. Since hair spritz isn’t an aerosol, it’s much kinder to curls, leaving them soft and shiny, not hard and crunchy.

Hair spritz offers flexible hold, amazing shine, and protection against heat damage. It’s a non-aerosol styling and finishing product that keeps your hairstyle in place until you’re ready to brush it out. It leaves locks soft and shiny, not sticky, and can be used on damp or dry hair for effortless styling and lasting hold.

Benefits of Hair Spritz

If you change your hairstyle as often as your mind, then you should have a hair spritz in your collection of styling products! Hair spritz benefits you and your mane in multiple ways:

  •  Hold: Gives flexible yet long-lasting hold for updos, naturally curly hair, and flyaways
  •  Shine: Leaves hair with a natural-looking shine and no residue, stickiness, or stiffness
  •  Protection: Helps prevent damage caused by the sun and heated styling tools
  •  Curls: The non-aerosol spray is ideally suited to curly hair and curly/wavy styles
  •  Versatile: Can be used on damp hair during styling or on dry hair to finish your style
  • Convenient: Brushes out easily between styles without the need to wash your hair

The Difference Between Hair Spray and Hair Spritz

If you love to try out different hairstyles and want to achieve glossy, super-soft locks, and flexibility, hair spritz is simply your dream product. Hair spray gives you more hold control and shine - hairspray is mainly used for finishing hairstyles.

When comparing hair spray vs hair spritz, it’s important to note that both products have their benefits. Which product you choose depends on your styling needs.

Hair Spray

Hairspray is an aerosol spray, best suited for use on smooth, straight styles or big blowouts. It comes in various hold strengths, including ultimate, firm, medium, and light hold.

Hair spray is mainly used for finishing hairstyles but can also be used during styling if you need more control.

Hairspray locks hair in place, preventing movement that could spoil your look. It also adds shine but can leave hair feeling a little sticky and stiff if you use too much.

Hair Spritz

Hair spritz gives a much softer hold and therefore more flexibility when you’re working strands into place. You can shape and reshape your hair without having to wash out the spritz between styles.

You can also more easily correct any styling mistakes by simply brushing through the particular section of hair. In addition to giving your hair a gorgeous shine, hair spritz provides heat protection – something that regular hairspray can’t do.

L3VEL3™ Hair Spritz has a soft, non-sticky formula that gives flexible yet lasting hold, brilliant shine, and superb heat protection. Used on damp hair, it makes sections easier to tease into place while you’re creating your fabulous style. Used on dry hair, it keeps your style together and tames stubborn flyaways without weighing down your hair.

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