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Strong Hair Gel Set

Strong Hair Gel Set

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L3VEL3 Strong Hair Gel Set

All the strong hold gel you could need for styling hair and selling to your clients.

Our strong hair gel is already a trailblazer, boosting hair with insane hold, volume, shine, and definition. But as the star of this four-pack set, our innovative gel takes things up a notch. Versatile from the gel’s formula to the pot sizes, this is a great bundle for personal and professional use. It caters to your every hairstyling need and offers a savvy way to rack up those in-salon add-on sales. With this set, you get choice, convenience, and value on top of the gel’s transformative benefits for hair. Get it or forever regret it.

Key Features

  • Includes our strong hair gel in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml pots
  • The larger sizes are practical and awesome value for your barber shop
  • Use the smaller sizes at home or sell them to clients who love this gel
  • The gel keeps even wild styles in place, adding volume and texture
  • Flake-free formula provides a professional finish with epic shine

Why It’s a Game-Changer
Our hair gel set is coming on strong, ready to elevate every style whether or not you’re a pro barber. This practical and great-value bundle includes our strong hair gel in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml pot sizes. That’s a heck of a lot of gel, meaning you’re covered for every hairstyling opportunity at home and in your salon. It also means you can create an effective, bound-to-go-viral product display that your clients can’t resist shopping. Elevated styles, service, and sales? That’s something you can gel with.

If you’re a barber or hairdresser, boost your hair styling kit with this collection of gels. The different pot sizes lend themselves to different uses - and also look pretty dope lined up together on a shelf. You’ll get impressive mileage from the larger pots, no matter how many hairstyles you create in a day. The smaller pots can be offered to your clients, to help them recreate their styles at home. By using and recommending L3VEL3 styling products, you’ll build a solid rep as a pro in the know.

So what about the hair gel itself? The unique, strong hold formula ensures unbreakable styles from morning to midnight. Hair is locked in place but looks sleek, not hard or stiff. Amplified volume and texture give styles a 3D effect, with a glossy - not greasy - finish. Easy to apply and distribute, the gel leaves no flakes or residue. Instead, it adds a clean and refreshing scent for hair.
Whatever your gel-based needs, this bundle will see you right. It conveniently includes small and large pot sizes to cater to different applications. Use this gel, love it, recommend it, and sell it, to elevate a range of hairstyles and your reputation.  

How to Use

  • Scoop out enough gel to handle your hair’s length and texture
  • Work the gel between your palms for a few seconds
  • Apply evenly throughout the hair to create your desired style

Styling Tips
Strong hold gel no longer means stiff-hair-hell. Our modern and iconic formula is workable and doesn’t make hair feel hard. Use it to lift and set spikes and fauxhawks, or to define a fringe on a French crop or Caesar cut. Create precise side-parts and swooshed-up pompadours or give short-to-mid-length hair a slick finish.

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