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Cleansing Kit

Cleansing Kit

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L3VEL3 Cleansing Kit

Get squeaky-clean from top to toe with our face, body, and hair care set.

Upgrade your morning routine and self-care sessions with this epic cleansing kit. It includes a selection of deep-cleaning and nourishing products for face, body, and hair. Blitz blemishes and get a glowing complexion with our purifying black mask, pink mask, mud scrub mask, and apricot scrub. Clean up and kick-start your day with our refreshing foam body wash, then achieve silky-soft hair with our keratin-infused 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. Whether you prefer to shower or soak in the tub, this is the ultimate toiletries set. FYI, it also makes an exciting gift for the person who loves to be pampered.  

Key Features

  • Includes our top products for cleansing the face, body, and hair
  • A thoughtful self-care gift for someone special (or your fab self)
  • An easy way to sample our products before using them in your salon
  • The facial masks and scrubs clean out pores for clearer, brighter skin
  • Lather up in the shower with the foam body wash and 2 in 1 hair care

Why It’s a Game-Changer
Our cleansing kit is your one-stop for top-to-toe personal care. It includes a selection of our hair, body, and skincare products to leave you feeling cleansed, refreshed, and pampered. For the morning rush hour, when you need to get out the door ASAP, you can get squeaky-clean in seconds with our foam body wash and 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. For your daily skincare regimen and those indulgent me-times, choose one of our face masks or scrubs to make your skin sparkle. And if you’re the big-hearted type, this bundle makes an excellent shower gift set too.

Start your shower by lathering our combined shampoo and conditioner into your locks. It’s a gloss-boosting, time-saving product that levels-up any hair type. The formula is infused with keratin to repair, strengthen, and protect damaged strands. It also tames frizz for silky-smooth hair that’s full of vitality. When you’ve rinsed, give your skin some love with our foam body wash. Lusciously frothy, it cleanses and moisturizes while delivering a shot of vitamin E nourishment. The fresh scent revitalizes your skin and perks up your senses, even on Monday mornings.

When you need to press reset on your complexion, get busy with our face masks and scrubs. Choose from our pink and black peel-off face masks, enriched with kaolin clay and charcoal respectively. The masks effectively remove blackheads while mopping up excess oil and reigniting your radiance. Peeling off the masks to reveal the results is super-satisfying. Alternatively, use our mud scrub mask and apricot scrub, which exfoliate away dirt, grime, blackheads, and dead skin cells for a purer complexion. Bye-bye gunk, hello new glow.

That’s your fine self #sorted, but if you want to share the love, this kit makes a thoughtful bath gift set for someone else. It’ll encourage your special person to practice self-care and introduce them to the cleansing and nourishing powers of L3VEL3 products. We wouldn’t blame you for keeping this bath and body set for yourself though.

How to Use

  • Work the 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner into wet hair then rinse thoroughly
  • Lather the foam body wash into wet skin then rinse when fully clean
  • Apply the pink or black mask to your face, allow to dry, then peel off
  • Gently massage the mud scrub mask or apricot scrub into skin, then rinse

Works Great With…
Guys, complete your personal care regimen with a close, smooth shave courtesy of our Transparent Shaving Gel. It moisturizes and protects your skin as you shave, while leaving your face smelling fantastic. For the ladies, our Aloe Vera Hair Serum is the next step to gorgeously glossy hair. Apply it before or after drying to detangle, hydrate, tame frizz, seal split ends, and boost shine.

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