Styling Powder Display

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L3VEL3 Styling Powder Display

Love our hair styling powder? Recommend and sell it to clients with this pro display. 

Our styling powder shakes up haircuts with matte texture and big volume. It’s like magic dust that amplifies quiffs, shags, pompadours, and fauxhawks. The powder is easy to apply (just shake it, baby) and distributes evenly for fuss-free styling. Maybe you already use and love this hot hair powder. And maybe you want to help your clients recreate their salon styles at home. If so, this display belongs on your barber shop counter. It contains six bottles of L3VEL3 styling powder for you to sell or use. Either way, you’ll be leveling-up your pro-barber game and your clients’ hair.

Key Features

  • A professional product display for your barber shop counter
  • Contains six 1 Oz styling powders to sell to your eager clients
  • A clever way to sell the product you use and recommend
  • Helps clients buy what they need to recreate styles at home
  • Elevates your service and your reputation, so it’s a win-win

Why It’s a Game-Changer
Our innovative hair styling powder is for men and women who like loud looks. The powder boosts volume and texture, adding a trendy matte finish when gloss is not the goal. It’s easy to apply and works into hair effortlessly, leaving no greasy residue for a fresh finish. Now, thanks to this six-pack display, you can pass on the benefits to your clients and help them level-up their styling skills. Position the display box prominently for maximum selling potential or simply stockpile the powder for use in your salon.

Containing six bottles of our (highkey inspirational) styling powder dust, this box deserves a spot on your barber shop counter. It’s designed for neat and hassle-free product display; just slide it into position and the product will sell itself. The box clearly showcases all the powder’s benefits, which is great for anyone new to, or unsure of, this type of styling product. Your clients can see at a glance if this is the right product for their style goals.

This display helps you share your love for L3VEL3 styling powder, while encouraging add-on sales. It’s the professional way to show your clients that you trust, use, and recommend our product - and that they can buy it to achieve head-turning styles at home. In edgy black and white, the L3VEL3 branding looks sharp and will stand out among your other retail products. This box is an appealing and effective display for your barber shop or hair salon.
So when you want to take your service and your reputation to another level, this styling powder display will be ready. It’s the easiest, most eye-catching way to promote your favorite product and shows that only the best will do for your clients.

How to Use

  • Lightly sprinkle the powder into your palms or directly onto hair
  • Distribute the powder throughout the hair with your fingertips
  • Gently rub in the powder to encourage volume and texture

Works Great With…
Create an Instagrammable and irresistible retail display, courtesy of #L3VEL3. Our Cream Gel, Strong Hair Gel, Hair Pomade, and Oil Sheen Spray are all available in big-value sets. Stock up, sell out, repeat.

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