Pomade Bundle

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L3VEL3 Pomade Bundle

Our hair pomade Bundle gives you great hair and great value. It takes two, baby.

Shine, hold, and keratin nourishment: That’s what our hair pomade brings to the table. It’s an innovative, transparent formula that keeps hairstyles in place while making strands stronger and glossier. This is a superb styling product for personal and professional use, and thanks to this two-pack, it gives you versatility, convenience, and great value too. Get major mileage in your salon from the 500ml pot and promote the 150ml to clients who like to experiment with styles at home.  

Key Features

  • A two-pack of our hair pomade in 150ml and 500ml pots
  • Barbers get awesome value and convenience from the large size
  • Take home the small size or offer it to clients for DIY styling
  • Pomade formula holds hair in place while adding dazzling shine
  • Infused with keratin to promote stronger, healthier hair

Why It’s a Game-Changer
This hair styling bundle is highly versatile for personal and pro use. It includes two differently-sized pots of our awesome hair pomade, a product that delivers excellent hold and shine plus a shot of keratin nourishment. The larger pot represents great value and is practical for using in your salon. The smaller pot is ideal for travel, home use, and offering to clients who want to recreate their style between appointments.

Add this Bundle to your hair styling kit and there’s no limit to the looks you can create. Pomade is perfect for all hair types, textures, and lengths. It gives quiffs and waves a shiny finish and tames frizz to prep the hair for protective styles like braids. In your barber shop, the larger pomade pot will last and last, no matter how many heads you style per day. Sell the smaller pot to enhance your service and help clients achieve their hair goals at home.  

The product itself is a high hold, high shine pomade infused with keratin to strengthen and protect the hair. The transparent formula leaves a glossy finish with no flakes, greasiness, or residue. It’s lightweight yet incredibly nourishing and makes hair smell fresh and clean. Easy to apply and distribute, pomade gives you the freedom to restyle as you please and washes out effortlessly. This is the secret to creating sleek and sexy styles that turn heads.

To elevate every style at home or in your barber shop, choose this pomade Bundle. It’s a convenient way to upgrade your collection of styling products and can be marketed to clients to boost your retail sales. Using, recommending, and selling L3VEL3 pomade will mark you out as a pro in the know.

How to Use

  • Place a small amount of pomade in your palms
  • Rub your hands in a circular motion to warm the pomade
  • Apply evenly throughout the hair to create your desired style

Styling Tips
Pomade works on most every hair type, from straight to wavy and curly. It gives pompadours and neat waves a dazzling shine, while defining the strands of longer styles. It’s also great for prepping natural hair for cornrows or box braids; the formula locks down frizz for a smooth finish.