Face Mask - 3 Pack

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L3VEL3 Face Masks – 3 Pack

Cover up in our breathable, washable, reusable face masks.

Barbers should always practice good hygiene and safety. In these pandemic times, the rest of us should mask-up too, to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. When choosing a mask, it’s important to find one that’s protective but also comfortable to wear. L3VEL3 face masks have it all and mucho style too. They’re made of flexible and soft PU fabric that stretches for a comfortable yet snug fit. The in-built ear loops prevent the annoyance and risk of snapped straps and a lost mask. Plus, you can wash and reuse these masks up to six times, so you’ll protect yourself, other humans, and the planet.

Key Features

  • Made of soft, stretchy, breathable polyurethane fabric for comfort
  • Fit snugly to your face without gaping for optimal protection
  • Integrated ear loops won’t snap off like regular, stitched-on straps
  • Washable and reusable up to six times, helping to reduce waste
  • Choice of bold colors, one size fits all for ages ten years and up

Why It’s a Game-Changer
Face coverings have become a fact of daily life. But it’s a real challenge to find a mask that offers a high level of protection without feeling restrictive and uncomfortable. Disposable masks create a lot of waste, and they aren’t exactly stylish either. Then there’s the cost factor, because stocking up on masks for your barber shop quickly gets expensive. Relax, though: L3VEL3 has you – and your face – covered with our great-value, protective, breathable face masks.

While the pandemic rages on, do your duty and pull on one of our cloth face masks. These masks are lightweight for every day and long periods of wear. The polyurethane fabric is soft against your skin, so irritation and maskne shouldn’t be problem. The fabric is breathable too, so you won’t feel suffocated, even if you’re wearing your mask all day or in a hot and busy barber shop. With plenty stretch, the masks fit comfortably over your nose and mouth, but snug enough to prevent gaping and offer excellent protection. 

These are protective and comfortable face masks, but are they practical? Featuring integrated ear loops, the masks stay put no matter how hard you hustle. There are no stitched-on straps that could snap off and no bands to tie around your head and crush your fresh hairstyle. Since these are washable face masks, you’ll reduce waste without even thinking about it, and you won’t run out of masks between laundry days. 

There’s no reason why your PPE can’t be H-O-T, so these are stylish face masks you can legit vibe with. Available in a choice of popping, solid colors, you’ll find a mask to match every outfit. Budget-friendly, breathable, and big on protection, our face masks are a key piece of PPE for barber shops and everyone.

One size fits all for ages ten years and up.

How to Use

  • Pull the ear loops securely over your ears
  • Adjust the front of the mask to cover your nose and mouth
  • Ensure there are no gaps between the mask and your face

Works Great With…
If you’re a barber, don’t stop at just a face mask. L3VEL3 Professional Nitrile Gloves offer insane protection against chemicals and punctures – and they protect your clients too. Cover your clothing with our Professional Barber Apron to nail the whole PPE thing.