Nitrile Gloves: Uses, Benefits, and How to Choose the Right Quality

Nitrile gloves are used in a variety of industries, including hairdressing, food service, automotive, and healthcare. Made of synthetic rubber, nitrile gloves offer high tensile strength, durability, and puncture-resistance alongside flexibility and touch sensitivity. They provide superior protection against chemicals, blood-borne pathogens, and viruses spread via skin contact. Since nitrile disposable gloves are latex-free, they’re a great choice for people with allergy concerns.

In this Article:

  • Barbers – Why Wear Disposable Gloves?
  • Which Disposable Gloves are Right for You?
  • Nitrile vs Latex vs Vinyl Gloves
  • The Benefits of Nitrile Disposable Gloves
  • Barbers – Why Wear Disposable Gloves?

    As a barber, protecting yourself and your clients is a must at all times, and especially during a pandemic. Wearing disposable gloves ensures a clean, safe, healthy environment for everyone in your barbershop. It conveys a professional image, which promotes trust and attracts more clients.

    Wearing nitrile gloves also helps to…

    • Minimize cross-contamination and exposure to bodily fluids, infections, and diseases
    • Protect your skin against irritation and damage caused by chemicals in hair products
    • Prevent dry skin caused by repeated soaking when washing clients’ hair

    With nitrile gloves at your fingertips, your hands are protected, and you’re better equipped to offer a high standard of service.

    What are Nitrile Gloves?

    Nitrile gloves are a type of disposable glove designed to protect the wearer’s hands - and people they come into contact with - from contamination. Nitrile gloves are often used by barbers and hairdressers, beauticians, tattooists, food industry workers, mechanics, and medical professionals.

    Nitrile is a synthetic rubber compound, also known as nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR). Nitrile is extremely strong and resilient but also flexible. It can resist harsh temperatures, punctures, and many common chemicals; it’s also waterproof, oilproof, and greaseproof. The synthetic material is suitable for people with latex allergies. Nitrile disposable gloves can often be more expensive than latex or vinyl gloves. However, the superior quality of nitrile gloves makes them a cost-effective option.

    Industrial vs Medical Nitrile Gloves

    Nitrile gloves may be labeled as industrial grade or medical grade.

    Industrial grade nitrile gloves are extremely chemical resistant. They’re typically used by people who handle caustic chemicals, such as car mechanics, factory workers, and janitors. Industrial grade nitrile gloves are of high quality, but they don’t meet the FDA’s strict standards for use in medical facilities. Medical grade nitrile gloves are used by healthcare professionals including doctors, dentists, and lab workers. They’re also the glove of choice for barbers, hairdressers, beauticians, tattooists, and food service workers. Medical grade nitrile gloves offer a high level of protection against blood-borne pathogens, infections, and diseases, as well as chemicals and sharp objects. To be labeled as medical grade, nitrile gloves must meet the acceptable quality limits (AQL) set by the FDA. The gloves must score an AQL of 2.5 or lower; in other words, only 2.5% of a batch can fail the AQL tests. Additionally, the manufacturer must receive a 510(k) certification, which demonstrates that the gloves are of sufficient quality for medical use.

    Which Disposable Gloves are Right for You?

    When choosing disposable gloves, it’s important to consider what you need them for. What tasks will you be performing? What substances will you be handling? Do you need gloves that are thick and strong but also flexible? Do you need protection against viruses? Here are the factors to consider:

    • Material and manufacturing grade
    • Level of barrier protection
    • Tensile strength and durability
    • Thickness/flexibility ratio
    • Puncture resistance
    • Comfort and fit
    • Cost

    For barbers, a key factor is glove thickness. Glove thickness is measured at the fingers, as this is a high contact area and therefore most susceptible to punctures. The fingers are also where touch sensitivity is most crucial. Thicker gloves provide more protection and higher tensile strength; finer gloves offer more flexibility and dexterity.

    It’s important to strike a balance between protection and flexibility so you can perform tasks unhindered. L3VEL3™ Nitrile Gloves are available in a variety of thicknesses, allowing you to choose the right gloves for your needs.

    Nitrile vs Latex vs Vinyl Gloves

    Latex gloves are made of a material derived from rubber trees. While latex gloves offer protection, they’re inferior to nitrile gloves in terms of puncture-resistance and chemical-resistance. They can also trigger adverse reactions in people with latex allergies.

    Vinyl gloves are made of PVC and are not as thick, durable, flexible, or protective as other types of disposable gloves. Vinyl disposable gloves are best suited to light, everyday tasks such as housework. So why are nitrile gloves better than latex and vinyl gloves? What are the benefits of nitrile gloves? Aside from quality and protection, nitrile gloves are superior on every level. Nitrile gloves are more comfortable to wear, as they fit snugly, are hypoallergenic, and don’t make your hands sweat. Nitrile gloves also provide heightened touch sensitivity, which is great for barbers who have to pick up small tools and feel clients’ hair.

    The Benefits of Nitrile Disposable Gloves

    • Highly resistant to chemicals, oils, and petroleum-based products. Crucial when you’re handling hair products
    • Outstanding resistance to punctures and tears. Keeps you safe when you’re using sharp barber tools
    • High level of flexibility, dexterity, and touch sensitivity. Essential during hair cutting and detailed styling work
    • to your hand for a snug yet comfortable fit. Simply slip ‘em on and get to work, no hassle
    • Lightweight and breathable for those busy days. Sweaty hands feel unpleasant and look pretty off-putting too!

    At L3VEL3™, we sell a comprehensive line of professional nitrile gloves. Designed by barbers for barbers, they beat the competition *hands-down*. Here’s what sets our gloves apart:

    • Made to the highest standard. Not just for barbers, our nitrile gloves offer protection and peace of mind in these pandemic times
    • Backed by the CE mark. Our nitrile gloves conform to health and safety standards corresponding to the 510(k) certification
    • Touchscreen compatibility. Handy when you’re scrolling through a client’s style file on their smartphone
    • Free of anything nasty. No latex, no powder, and no PVC means no allergic reactions for you or your clients
    • Available in a range of sizes and color-coded thicknesses.They’re ambidextrous too! Match your gloves to your needs and deliver pro service
    • Insanely durable with a long shelf life. Go nuts! Stock up! These bad boys will last longer than your love affair with the box fade haircut

    It’s clear that, for barbers, no disposable gloves compare to nitrile gloves. For anyone concerned about their health, L3VEL3™ Nitrile Gloves offer protection against viruses that are spread via skin contact. L3VEL3™ Professional Nitrile Gloves are back in stock, so get your hands on (and in) them!