Guide to Using Hair Styling Powder

Hair powder is a versatile styling product that boosts volume, creates texture, and gives a matte finish. Lightweight and oil-absorbing, it lets you revive your style without washing your hair.

The hair powder is easy to apply and distribute throughout your hair, so it’s great if you don’t like to spend too long in front of the mirror. Simply sprinkle the powder on your roots and scrunch your hair to achieve head-turning volume and a trendy, relaxed look.

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What is a Hair Styling Powder?

Hair styling powder, also called texturizing powder, mattifying powder, or volumizing powder, is a dust-like product you apply to your roots to create volume and texture.

Typically white like baby powder or dry shampoo, hair powder usually comes in a pocket-sized shaker that makes application super-easy.

Barber appliying hair powder to a client's hair.

Hair powder is so lightweight, it enables styling without weighing down your hair. It’s among the quickest and easiest ways to pump up the volume and refresh second-day hair when you can’t be bothered with washing.

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What is hair powder made of?

The most common ingredient in hair powder is silica, although rice powder is sometimes used. These ingredients comprise rough particles that increase friction between the hair strands, thus generating texture and a full look.

Kaolin clay may also be added to a hair powder’s formula to soak up oil and enhance the matte finish. Hair powder tends to be fragrance-free, so you can use it without worrying about clashing scents.

Hair powder is best suited to short, fine-to-medium hair, but if you have thick hair and want to rock extreme volume - go for it!

During the summer, hair styling powder is an excellent alternative to gel or pomade; the powdery composition won’t make your hair, scalp, or face feel greasy in the hot weather.

How Does Hair Powder Compare with Other Styling Products?

Choosing the right hair styling product starts with identifying the look you’re aiming for. Do you want a wet-look finish and strong hold? Do you need to keep flyaways in check while creating soft texture and movement with natural shine? Do you prefer a matte finish with full-on volume and a casual, shaggy look?

Hair Styling Powder VS Hair Gel VS Hair Spray

Hair gel, hair spray, and hair powder each have their own particular functions and unique benefits, as outlined below:

Hair Powder Vs Hair Gel Vs Hair Gel

Hair Gel Hairspray Hair Powder
Holds styles in place Gives hold with movement Creates volume
Creates a “piecey” look Tames flyaways Adds texture
Sleek or textured finish Gives a shiny finish Gives a matte finish
Can feel sticky in your hair Doesn’t absorb oil Absorbs oil
Should be washed out Brushes or washes out Easy to rework and restyle

While hair gel and hairspray have their merits, they don’t offer the versatility and lasting volume of hair styling powder. If you’re looking for a styling product you can just sprinkle on and rough up before stepping out the door; hair powder is your friend.

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The Pros and Cons of Hair Styling Powder

You can see there are numerous benefits of hair powder. It’s an easy-breezy styling product that instantly transforms limp locks into full-volume styles. However, it does have some disadvantages.

It can make your hair look and feel pretty dry; it can also build up on your scalp, causing irritation and unattractive flakes. So is hair powder right for you? Let’s weigh up the pros and cons:

The Pros: Benefits Of Using Hair Styling Powder

  • Instantly lifts hair, creating desirable volume and choppy texture
  • Absorbs oil to revive second-day hair and keep it looking fresh in humidity
  • It makes controlling and styling unruly hair easier without weighing it down
  • It gives a trendy matte finish and a full, puffy look that’ll get you noticed
  • It is easily reworkable, so you can switch up your style from day to night

The Cons: Disadvantages of Using Hair Styling Powder

  • It can make your hair look and feel dry
  • Diminishes shine, smoothness, and softness
  • It can build up on the scalp if left in too long, causing itching and flakiness

It’s clear that the benefits of hairstyling powder outweigh the potential problems. If you use the product as directed and wash it out properly, you can work your volumized, texturized style with 100% confidence and zero worries!

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That all sounds awesome, right? So now you’re ready to get on board the trend; which is the best hair powder to use? L3VEL3 Styling Powder is a standout choice, as it lets you work and rework your style without adding weight or causing greasiness. It also has a crucial advantage over other styling powder brands: your hair doesn’t have to be perfectly dry before use, as it can be applied to damp locks too!


How to use Hair Powder

Now you’ve decided that hair powder is the product for you, you’re probably wondering how to use it. If you’re a “get up, muss-hair-up, go” kind of person, you’re in luck – hair powder is super-easy to apply and use! Even better, you only need a small amount to create your sexy style. Here’s how to use L3VEL3 Styling Powder:

  1. Lightly sprinkle the powder into your hair
  2. Apply it to your roots to achieve instant lift and absorb excess oil
  3. Spread the powder throughout your hair to create your desired texture
  4. Rub your hair gently with your fingertips to encourage even more texture
  5. To revive a day-old style without washing, simply scrunch your hair with your hands

How to Use Hair Powder Video

Volume and texture transform anyone’s hairstyle into something epic. But if you want to get ultra-creative with your look, try these hair powder styling hacks:

Hair Styling Powder Tips and Tricks

  • Hold your head upside down while applying the powder to create mega volume
  • Trade your pomade for the volumizing powder to create a “piecey”, shaggy effect
  • Use hair powder with a texturizing spray for even more sexy choppiness
  • Apply L3VEL3 Styling Powder to dry hair for enhanced texture
  • Use L3VEL3 Styling Powder on damp hair for long-lasting volume and hold


When you want to go big and bold with your hairstyle, hair powder is the product to choose. It’s an easy-to-use styling product that will amplify your hair’s volume, add texture, and reduce oiliness. If that sounds like your thing, shake, sprinkle, and set your style free!